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UK Risks Health to Save On Energy


Health or your heating, what comes first?  That’s the challenge that many people around the UK are facing. Whether to heat their home or stay cold to save on energy bills, according to the

It’s an ill-advised choice with the country’s cold and harsh winters. It sounds extreme, putting your health in danger, being at the risk of hyperthermia to save money. Some people have little choice who simply can’t afford to pay increasing energy bills.

Nearly 2000 adults took part in the survey conducted. It paints a bleak picture of the struggles of many energy customers across the UK. Over 60% said they wouldn’t turn their heating up or turn it on if they were cold. For respondents in the 16 to 24 age group, this percentage rose to an astonishing 76%. More than half of people who took part said they were extremely worried about elderly relatives and their ability to keep warm with the increased rise in the cost of heating their home.

People are suffering due to cold homes and the most vulnerable group are pensioners.  During the cold winter months, pensioners actually live in fear of the increased pricing of heating and because of this, they end up putting their health and lives in jeopardy. According to the Association for the Conservation of Energy thousands die due to a cold home in the UK every year.

This paints a very concerning picture for the UK due to the rising cost of energy bills and the increase in poorly insulated homes. It’s clear that millions of people around the country are risking their health due to the harsh financial climate which we face.

At Warm and Secure, we have a deep concern about these findings. We understand the need for people to heat their homes in the cold months. We offer the installation of a new energy efficient boiler. The great thing about our offer is – you save money at every turn. You don’t have to pay anything for a whole year once installed and due to the energy efficiency of our boilers, you save on bills in the future. It’s a win win.

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Stay up to date on the blog and get in contact and we can discuss how we could save you money on your heating bills today.

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