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Standard Manual Storage Heater

Standard Manual Storage Heater
  • Manual Storage Heater

The static storage heaters release heat by natural convection in two different ways. There is a primary convection controlled by a top flap that releases hot air after the storage heater is charged. But there is also a natural secondary convection that releases hot air 24 hours a day. This natural secondary convection is generated by the design of the machine allowing a constant release of heat without leading to additional energy costs. Storage heater only consumes energy during off-peak hours at night.

  • Designed to use Off-Peak electricity.
  • Grille painted in a heat resistant colour.
  • Damper control device.
  • Thermostat overheat safety cutout.
  • Safety cutout with manual reset.
  • Class I insulation.
  • Input charging thermostat with single Sensor.
  • Microtherm G 10 mm insulation, vermiculite and ecological fibre.
  • Side, front and rear air chambers.
  • High density storage blocks.
  • Ultra slim, only 15 cm deep.
  • Robust plastic fittings.
  • Powder coated RAL 9010 steel structure.
  • Please select how your home is heated

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