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New Boiler Benefits


Not only do you save when you buy from Warm and Secure, there are other benefits too. When you invest in a new boiler, there’s multiple advantages that come along with it.

Before we delve deeper into the benefits of a boiler, let’s find out what it does. Unlike a forced air heating system that uses air to distribute heat, a boiler pumps hot water around the home via a network of pipes in the subfloor of each room in the home.  On occasion the network will have radiators or baseboard heaters attached to it. Once the thermostat is activated, it will then run water through the house via a heat exchanger in the boiler unit and then a pipe network. As the water then flows around the home, the heat radiates upward into the designated room.

Now let’s get down to it. We’ve put our heads together and come up with the benefits of installing a new heating system in your home:

Improved boiler efficiency

A central heating system is estimated to cost around 60% of your overall energy bill in the home according to the energy saving trust. Having an efficient boiler can make a significant difference to your bills.  New condensing boilers have an efficiency of 90% of more due to their A rating. A non-condensing boiler efficiency rating will depend on numerous factors, but some could be less than 70% efficient with a G rating.  You could save up to £300 per year by switching to an energy efficient boiler with Warm and Secure.

Improved heating control

By using a heating controller with TRVs and a room thermostat, you’re then able to go in each room and set the temperature separately.  Generally, people sleep better when the temperature is 2 degrees Celsius cooler than their lounge or living room so implementing this can improve comfort levels too.  The TRVs will shut off their radiators once each room is at the correct temperature and this means a room thermostat placed next to one of the radiators can switch the whole boiler off. This enables the temperature to stay at the same level while saving you money. TRVS in rooms such as spare rooms and guest rooms can be set at low level temperatures, so energy isn’t wasted all year round.

Quieter boiler operation

Boilers are significantly quieter than older versions due to the improvement in design and the better use of materials.  This makes a complete difference when a boiler is fitted next to a bedroom.

Smaller size

Compared to their old counterparts, modern boilers are smaller in size, so this opens new doors of opportunity as where they can be fitted; on walls rather than floors.  If you’ve got a kitchen cupboard, boilers can be hidden behind there too. This frees up more space in the home.

To sum up

For transporting thermal energy, water is a much better medium than air. It stays warm for longer and warms up faster. New energy style boilers don’t have to worry about leaks and their way more efficient than forced air systems.  They also tend to heat homes easier and more comfortably than forced air systems.  Warm air will rise to the ceiling where it won’t be any use to anyone.  Boiler heating systems heat objects so its near to the floor and more beneficial to the occupant.

At Warm and Secure we offer you our Buy Now Pay Later option on a new energy efficient boiler. You don’t have to pay anything for an entire year when you purchase from us. We cover all areas of Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and other parts of the UK.

Please get in touch today and we will happily discuss your requirements for a new energy efficient boiler from Warm and Secure.


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