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Invest In An Energy Efficient Boiler To Reduce Household Bills


Domestic budgets are constantly being stretched due to non-existent wage rises in the public and private sector as well as general household bills increasing year on year.

According to Asda’s Income Tracker, discretionary income for UK households was down 94p a week to £197 compared to the same month the previous year (September 2016).  Increased prices of living rose sharply in September too with household bills and essential items increasing.  This was down to inflation rising again in September.

The only places in the UK that had more discretionary income in the third quarter of the year were London and Yorkshire.

Despite a record low employment rate, wage growth remained stale with hardly any upwards momentum.

Save On Household Essentials

Don’t fret, householders can take more control of their spending to have more disposable income and reduce bills despite the likes of stubborn wage rises and the increases in inflation.

One of the first things you can do is switching energy suppliers that can be completed in a simple and quick way. This helps reduce bills quite significantly. By joining a new provider that offers a cheaper energy plan will make the cost cheaper without affecting the quality of the energy that’s supplied to your home. We suggest reading the small print and the terms and conditions as there might be hidden fees from certain companies for leaving early.

You can reduce your household bills further by investing and replacing your old boiler with a new energy efficient one from Warm and Secure.  It might seem odd to invest in a new boiler when you’re finding it hard to pay everything else but with our Buy Now Pay Later option, it makes sense.

For over a decade now, by law, all gas boilers must be condensing boilers. Compared to other older models, these ones are far more energy efficient which means they will cost less to run while your doing your bit for the environment with carbon dioxide emissions being reduced too.

At Warm and Secure, our Buy Now Pay Later option means you can have an energy efficient boiler installed in your home now and you don’t have to pay anything for an entire year.

With Winter well underway it’s more important than ever that you have a reliable, cost effective boiler in your home.  You can do this with Warm and Secure.

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