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5 Steps to get your Heating System Ready for Winter


Is Your Heating System Ready for Winter

One of the biggest problems with not doing annual checks on your heating system is that you run the risk of it breaking down in the middle of winter, as this is when it is most used. Keeping your heating system well maintained is very important, especially for small children and elderly as they are more susceptible to illness from the cold. Here are 5 quick tips on how to get your heating system ready for winter.

5 Tips on how to reduce your energy bill’s this winter

  1. Make sure there is no air in your system. e.g. in the radiators. A tell tale sign that there is air in the system is that your radiators have cool spots or maybe even go cold towards the top of the radiator. Another sign is that the pipes may become noisy meaning air being pushed around the system. For a Quick guide on how to bleed your radiator, view our blog here.


  1. Maintain your radiators by using an inhibiter as this will help to preserve the inside of your radiators and reduce the chance of corrosion. You can also use a cleaning filter to help maintain a good healthy boiler. By using simple products such as an inhibitor or boiler filters you can help to extend the life and even improve efficiency of your heating system.


  1. Add insulation to your pipes. By adding insulation you reduce the chances of your pipes freezing, meaning a constant flow of water is always available. If the pipes do freeze you run the risk of damage to the pipes meaning your sure to have a leak once they have thawed.
  1. Insulate your home before the winter. Heating the house is one thing but keeping it warm and reducing energy loss is a sure way to save money on your ever rising energy bills. By having your home correctly insulated you could reduce your energy bills by up to £200 per year. (Source for stats – Don’t know how much insulation you already have? Apply to see if your are eligible for a FREE EPC with us today ->
  1. .Have your boiler serviced by a qualified person. This will not only help you find out if your boiler is still efficient but it also gives you a good peace of mind that there are no problems coming into the winter months. This will also help you to see if there is any leaks of carbon monoxide or any other harmful substances.

5 Tips for Electric Heating Systems

  1. Are the elements in your storage heater still working effectively. Your elements can sometime be burnt out by dusting collecting them causing them to overheat when switched on. This can be checked by any qualified electrician.  This is the most common problem as to why storage heaters fail. This can be prevented by making the area around the storage heater clean and dust free.


  1. Does your storage heater still retain its heat. Over time your storage brick will gradually disintegrate. This means they will slowly stop being able to store as much heat. Meaning you have a chance of going cold at night as not enough heat was stored to keep the home warm all day/night.


  1. Check your thermostat on your storage heater. If you storage heater is not retaining any heat whatsoever or doesn’t seem to be getting warm at all the chances are the thermostat has blown. This will stop the storage heater taking in any heat. This can be fixed relatively easily by any electrician. However it is best to check with the manufacturer of your storage heater to see if it is something they can supply and fit it for you.


  1. Learning how to correctly work and use your storage heater. This can be one of the most crucial things you can do to improve efficiency of your storage heater. There are many guides that can be found on the internet or if you are struggling, you can contact us on : 01698 313020 and we will be happy to help.


  1. If your storage heater is more than 15 years old, it will not be as efficient as a newer storage heater. By swapping to a newer automatic storage heater you can save up to 15% on your energy usage. If you couple that up to an average life expectancy of 15 years you will create a massive saving.

Whether you have Gas or Electric heating it is always best to keep your heating well maintained and in good condition. This will contribute to having a well heated home with a comfortable temperature whilst keeping your energy savings down. If your having a problem with your heating system and want to speak to one of our fully trained advisors please contact us on – 01698 313020 or email us on with your Name, Address and Contact number and we will be in touch.

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